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Black Max Brakes

3/4 Black Max Brake Kit (.750")

3/4 Black Max Brake Kit (.750")

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BX1500 Black Max Brake Kit is designed to fit 3/4" Axles that have a woodruff key to secure the caliper to the axle. It is recommend to use 4 ply tires with this kit at a minimum. The spun aluminum split rims are not currently available and is currently sold with the one piece welded rims option. There is a billet aluminum machined split rim option at a higher cost.

This kit also has a dual puck caliper option only available with the 3/4" axle that can be used to double the brake power when using lager tires or also can be hooked up independently for pilot/co-pilot operation.

We do have the option to order this kit with hydraulic braided hoses. The hoses have an SAE female swivel fitting on each end. If you order the kit with this option the hydraulic fittings will be substituted for you with the SAE fitting instead of the standard compression fittings that are used with the nylon hose.  When ordering for a single lever master cylinder you would have hose 1 be the length from the MC to the Tee Fitting and then Hose 2 & 3 would be the length from the Tee Fitting to each caliper.  The hoses are pre-made and stocked in 1 foot increments.

When ordering for a dual lever master cylinder or a dual lever heel/toe master cylinder you would have hose 1 & 2 be the distance from the MC to the Caliper.

(All Tires Sold Separately)
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