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Black Max Brakes

Caliper Assembly for 3/4" Dual Puck #44998

Caliper Assembly for 3/4" Dual Puck #44998

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Black Max 3/4" Dual Puck Caliper assembly includes the piston, seals, 2 inner brake pads, 2 outer brake pads, and set screw. (Does not include compression fittings, bleeder screw, or bleeder plugs)

This options is only available for our 3/4" kits. It is basically two calipers in a common housing that mount on one axle. It has double the stopping power with double the brake pads and by connecting both inputs together with a tee. This option can also works well for setting up a pilot/co-pilot brake option where the pilot controls the front puck and the co-pilot controls the back puck by hooking up each input to a separate master cylinder..

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