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Airwave Vortex Generator Kit

Airwave Vortex Generator Kit

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  • Reduce Stall Speed
  • Control Response
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Shorter Landing Distance
  • Take Off Distance
  • Cruise Speed
  • Safety

It has been known for some time now that vortex generators reduce stall speeds and improve the aircraft’s handling performance. Vortex generators allow the wing to develop more lift at lower airspeeds. This reduces takeoff speed and improves the rate of climb. Vortex Generators also retain positive aileron control and enhance your rudder authority in higher angles of attack. You will immediately notice an improvement in your aircraft.


As air normally flows over the wing of an aircraft in flight, the air "sticks" to the surface of the wing. This adherence to the wing's surface produces lift. If the airflow loses its adherence and separates from the wing, aircraft performance can suffer in the form of increased drag, loss of lift and higher fuel consumption.

Researchers at NASA Langley Research Center developed Micro Vortex Generators to control this flow detachment by producing miniature, controlled tornadoes, called "vortices". The Micro Vortex Generators sweep away uncontrolled airflow separation over the airplane's wings and flaps with the benefit of reduced drag and increased lift (i.e., less engine power needed to produce the same lift).

Micro Vortex Generators technology contributed to performance and safety improvements as well as cost and noise reduction for the domestic aerospace industry. Its relatively simple design and ease of installation make Micro Vortex Generators one of the most cost-effective means of aircraft safety and performance enhancement

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